One of the happiest days that can happen in a family

is a new life as a fruit of mutual love of spouses. Both heavenly and pilgrim Church on earth rejoices with you and awaits you to bring your child to the Church and join them to the Body of Christ — the Church.

· What is the first thing I have to do?

Before you book a venue please call our office Mon-Fri from 9am to 1pm) to check if the desired date and time is suitable for the Sacrament of Baptism in our Church.

In our Church baptisms are usually on Saturdays at 4pm and Sundays at 11.45am, except first Sunday in the month when baptisms are under 10.30am Holy Mass. On feast days as Christmas, Easter, Assumption, St Nikola Tavelic, or larger picnics in our Centre or any other Croatian Centre (Summer Hill, Blacktown, Newcastle, Wollongong) baptisms will not be held.

What are the requirements to be a Godparent at baptism?

A person only needs one sponsor for baptism — male or female, but may have two sponsors, one male and one female. (No. 873). 
A Catholic who does not practice the faith by regularly attending Mass or who is in an invalid marriage disqualifies himself from being a godparent. Moreover, if a person is Catholic but antagonistic to the faith, i.e. has the attitude "I am a Catholic but...," and would not be a good example and witness to the faith also disqualifies himself. If a person is not striving to fulfil his own obligations of baptism and confirmation, he will not fulfil the responsibilities of helping another to do so.
Only Catholics can be godparents. A Christian of another denomination  may be a "Christian witness" along with the Catholic godparent. The reason for this distinction and restriction is that the godparent not only is taking responsibility for the religious education and spiritual formation of the baptized person, but also is representing the Church, the community of faith. 
In all, godparents serve a special role in the life of the baptized person. Therefore, each parent should choose a godparent not just because of a blood relationship or friendship; rather, a godparent should be a trustworthy witness of the faith who will help the godchild attain salvation.
Summary of disqualifications:
a. the person has no intention of fulfilling his obligations as a Godparent.
b. the person is younger than 16.
c. the person has not received the Sacrament of Baptism, Confirmation and Eurcharist in the Catholic faith.
d. the person is not living his faith in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church. (Example: The person has not been at Mass for years. The person employs birth control methods, etc.)
e. the person has incurred an official excommunication or "latae sententiae," by the very commission of the offense. (Example: involved in one or more abortions.)
f. the person doens't agree with the teachings of the Catholic Church or doesn't recognize the hierarchy of the Catholic Chruch.
g. the person is involved in a mix-marriage.
h. the person is involved in an invalid marriage or living unmarried with a partner. (Example: marriage outside the Church.)


Through Baptism,

God enables us to participate in his life in Jesus Christ and makes us his children. It is through this sacrament that we receive the Holy Spirit and become members of the People of God, of the Body of Christ, which is the Church. Baptism becomes our commitment to grow in this new life and to strive to acquire spiritual maturity. By baptism, God purifies us from sin.

Baptism is the sacrament of faith which has the Risen Christ as its source, and it is the offer of salvation for all people. Intimately linked to Confirmation and to Eucharist, Baptism is, with these two sacraments, Christian Initiation. The child is baptized in the faith of their parents, godparents and of the Church.


· Did you know?

In case of an emergency you can baptize your child. Example: you gave birth to a child in a hospital and the child has weak chances to survive and you don’t have time to call a priest. Important thing is to say the words:

“(name of a child) I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

If the child survives, just come to our office to register the child you baptized. Adults can be baptized in the same way. But there are some important considerations to have in mind:

· Do not baptize a person unless they request it.

· Do not baptize a person while they are unconscious.

· Do not baptize a person who has already been baptized in any christian church.



Baptism registration form:

 Please fill this form sincerely and carefully or come to our office (Mon - Fri 9am to 1pm) and fill the paper form. 
Father (name) *
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If you prefer having baptism within the Mass, choose Croatian.
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